We officially opened our new headquarters, Przystanek mBank in Łódź on January 12, 2018. Five spacious floors accommodate more than two thousand experts, who used to be dispersed across six locations in the city. The shared offices facilitate co-operation. Przystanek mBank is situated at the main street Piotrkowska, in the proximity of the historic city centre and a revitalised historic power plant. Such location supports the work/life balance. As the train station is only steps away, the trip to Warsaw and the bank’s other headquarters takes slightly more than an hour.

Work stations for persons with disabilities

The work stations for persons with disabilities have been audited. We have also audited the areas around our buildings, the social and sanitary infrastructure, as well as, the layout of our office space.

Occupational health and safety


We cannot tolerate any threat to the health or safety of our employees. As a result, we have implemented a comprehensive management system covering occupational health and safety at mBank Group. It is based on the following framework:

1. Managers and all employees are engaged in the development and implementation of the occupational health and safety policy;

2. Measures are planned to implement the occupational health and safety policy. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee meets once per quarter;

3. Arrangements have been put in place to implement action plans, including a budget for specific initiatives, identification of threats, assessment of risks (prepared by the specialists in cooperation with mBank employees and updated annually based on the materialised accidents in the workplace);

4. The implementation of action plans and the operation of the system are monitored, corrective and preventive measures are taken, including monitoring of occupational health and safety conditions and analyses of causes of accidents at work;

5. The occupational health and safety management system is improved through regular reviews and third-party expert audits;

6. Induction and regular training is offered in occupational health and safety, covering i.a. information about withdrawal from performing the work in case life of health of the employee is endangered.

There is a dedicated website on the Group’s intranet concerning occupational health and safety. Actual or potential incidents can be communicated to specialists listed on the site.

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