Since 2018, we have been designing new products and services and developing existing ones together with our clients based on the design thinking methodology. For this purpose, we conduct in-depth, one-on-one and group interviews as well as invite clients to evaluate our prototype solutions.
Clients’ satisfaction is our priority. We run regular surveys of retail and corporate clients with this regard.

Retail clients


mBank clients’ satisfaction is monitored on various levels:

  1. strategic:
    a) Once a year, we measure the level of loyalty and satisfaction of clients – relation NPS. On this basis, we identify key reasons why clients recommend the brand to their friends and family, as well as, optimisation areas. In 2018, NPS reached 19, with 41% of promoters.
  2. operational:
    b) We defined 12 key points of contact where we monitor the level of transactional NPS. On this basis, we precisely learn about the most important needs and expectations of our clients.
    c) We continuously measure the level of satisfaction of clients who use traditional and digital contact channels. We analyse the collected feedback and react to the client expectations on an ongoing basis.


Corporate clients

Every year, mSatisfaction project is run, which includes two satisfaction surveys of our corporate clients. Additionally we obtain market benchmark for the NPS relationship indicator.

Relationship survey

– targeted to all clients. We ask about eagerness to recommend mBank to business partners (NPS ratio) as well as satisfaction from cooperation. Thanks to this survey we learn about key reasons for recommendation and potential areas for improvement. In 2018 NPS for all corporate clients amounted to 35. For corporate customers who indicated mBank as their main bank it was kept at the high level of 40 in 2018, close to the last year’s performance (market average at 25).

Transactional surveys

– refer to assessment of particular processes or events on client’s track in the bank. We defined 14 moments of this kind. Thanks to this we learn about transactional NPS. Results of the surveys serve to excel products and processes.

During the surveys we input clients’ answers into the system for customer relationship management. Consequently, advisors can access them quickly. We recommend that the advisors contact clients after the survey is completed (closed loop process). We thank mBank  promotors for their participation and ask the critics to point areas for improvement.

Once a month, mLeasing distributes SMS surveys to Car Fleet Management services (CFM) users. It refers to:

  • Complex claims handling process (monthly)
  • Mechanical repairs (monthly)
  • Assistance service (monthly)
  • Tyre change (twice a year)

In 2018, we completed a satisfaction survey of corporate customers shared by mLeasing and mBank. The survey identified specific areas of co-operation and invited clients to provide comments. They were analysed by branch managers. Afterwards, client advisors contacted respondents to get more feedback and address their questions and needs.

Responsible lending

Our long-term customer relations are based on values including fairness and trust. Therefore we help clients to make responsible credit decisions. All essential information concerning lending is available in a manual for clients “Loan ABC – all you want to know about loans”. Existing and potential borrowers may learn how to evaluate their creditworthiness or handle payment issues in case they occurred for currently indebted persons.

In partnership with Loan Information Bureau (BIK), we have developed a comprehensive vademecum which explains why a positive credit track record is important and how BIK data can be erased in practice.

If we refuse a loan, we contact the client and, wherever possible, explain the reasons for refusal and potential next steps.

Friend of the client

The initiative addresses the need of some clients to contribute to the development of mBank. We collect ideas and suggestions, review them to identify the most common expectations, and develop potential solutions together with business owners.

All clients may provide suggestions via the transactional service and other channels (mLine, branches, email, chat, video, audio) as well as social networks (Facebook, Twitter). The sender or caller does not need to log in or even be a client of mBank. 

Meetings with corporate clients

As we develop and modify services, products and processes, we look beyond the numbers: we consider the needs of clients. This is why we host meetings “Eye to Eye with Corporate Clients”. Every month we invite a corporate client to present their business and challenges. Unlike branch and contact centre staff, employees at the head office and in the business lines rarely meet directly with clients while being responsible for the development of products and customer service procedures. According to estimates, approximately 250 persons participated in such meetings in 2018.

We are opening the meetings to new groups of clients, in particular young clients who are planning to start a business. In 2018, we met with secondary vocational school students. We will meet with university students in 2019. We are planning to offer design thinking workshops to clients and young aspiring business people.


We want to stay close to corporate clients and know them better than a spreadsheet can ever describe. Informal meetings can tell us more than quantitative research.
Natalia Dobrowolska Corporate Client Department

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