Recently we celebrated mBank's eighteenth birthday together with those who we have known for the longest time - the clients who have been with us since 2000. We invited them to share their memories of mBank and their expectations for the future.

Our eighteenth has inspired many people, who have been banking with us for years, to send us some very personal letters. Our clients have always been important to us and it is a pleasure to see that we are also close to them.

I did not even imagine that I could find myself in a situation where I would feel the need to write such a personal letter to an institution as serious as a bank.

18 years ago, it really took a lot of courage to trust a fully virtual bank. It turns out, however, that it was worth it.

Both my husband and I were very active professionally at the time, we were 40 years old, we had a lot of plans, dreams, hopes… A modern, virtual bank perfectly fit our expectations. Since then we have built a house, we raised our children and even became grandparents of two lovely grandchildren. Now, we follow our passions and numerous interests.

Our children grew up and have become independent. We are so proud of them – they are also mBank’s clients… only because their dad said so once, and that’s how it stayed. Even now, he often advises our son’s company on financial matters, probably even at the moment he is applying for a company loan. We continue being faithful and our family’s next generation is building its future with mBank.

Having said that, I would like to thank you for all these years, for this time travel to which you have encouraged me with your jubilee letter.

Congratulations on a great 18th birthday action. I have to admit that mBank showed its human side, which in a banking sector is a remarkable phenomenon. Even though I am aware that it is a marketing trick, I was very captivated by receiving your letter.

I am sending you my greetings, it will be delightful to enjoy a glass of prosecco from you tonight, thinking about the past eighteen years.

A few days ago, I have received a letter and champagne from you. It’s nice that you pay attention to your history and take care of such seemingly small things. You gain our loyalty thanks to your high quality service and such gestures. I have lived in Paris for the last few years and I can tell you that the quality of your services is beating the banks there.

As a matter of curiosity, I’m sending you a picture of a backpack that I once, I guess 18 years ago, completely unexpectedly got from you, by mail. I used it for many years and it was taken over by my son some time ago. As you can see, it’s still working very well. That is what I wish for you! Congratulations and keep it that way!

You inspired me to do a little research. Indeed, I set up my bank account on December 18, the first month when mBank was opened. I wonder how many clients you have from that time to this day. I hope all of them.

Firstly, I transferred only 30 PLN, just to see if it “works”. I made sure that interest was charged and since February I’ve been more courageous 🙂

Why am I with you? Because you provide me with the services I need, you’re not pushing me into those I don’t need and because I like your transactional service – the old one was good, the new one is also great. I can see you’re trying.

What impressed me about you? That you have an integrated forum and everyone can write to you and about you whatever they want (maybe you’re moderating something, but not criticism – I haven’t read it for a long time, but I remember it that way).

Recently you had your 18th birthday, and now as it’s coming Christmas and New Year’s Eve – I wish you all the best to the whole team!

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people opened an account in mBank in 2000 and continued to use it on the day “we came of age”

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