Within all the basic areas of management we actively prevent the risks beside the risk related to the banking product offering. The practical exaples are shown in the table below:

Risk area Measures
  • Activity of the Compliance Department: implementation of policies, regular training of all employees
  • An anti-corruption clause is inserted in contracts with suppliers, contractors and service providers
Data security
  • Implementation of GDPR-compliant regulations
  • The social campaign “Be cautious online”
  • Compliance with the mBank S.A. Anti-mobbing Policy, trainings for managers, the possibility of anonymous reporting of infringements via application mSygnał (whistleblowing)
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety requirements under applicable regulations
  • Compliance with the diversity provisions of the mBank S.A. Work Rules
  • Accession to the Diversity Charter initiative in January 2018
  • Telework and home office opportunities
  • Rooms for parents with children
  • Extra 2 days off for child care
  • Solutions for clients with disabilities (e.g., service in the Polish Sign Language)
  • Dialogue with stakeholders (meetings with investors, meetings with clients), regular customer satisfaction surveys
  • Implementation of the RES development support policy
  • For major projects financed by bank syndicates, we hire or require a technical consultant in order to promptly identify any irregularities, including those affecting the environment
  • Transparent communication and information concerning products and services
  • Transparent complaint handling procedures
  • Rules of clear communication (mKanon)
  • Simplification of agreements (Akcja Renowacja)
Reputation and image
  • Selected units of the bank monitor reputation risk on an on-going basis and manage it in line with the mBank S.A. Group Reputation Risk Management Strategy
  • Compliance with the mBank S.A. Sponsorship Policy
  • Regulation concerning development and publication of advertising of products and services offered by mBank S.A.

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