We prevent complaints from arising

We analyse complaints filed with the bank and – together with business experts – develop initiatives to reduce their number. In addition, lessons learnt from complaints are used in the process of designing new products and services.

Our objective is to resolve problems communicated by clients in a manner satisfactory to the complaining client during the first contact. For example, if possible, we credit the funds complained about to the client’s account while they speak to our consultant. If it is not possible, we spare no effort to resolve the case as quickly as practicable.  In 2019 we resolved 59% of complaints within only one business day.

We want our clients to be satisfied with how we handled their problem. The high percentage of complaints resolved in favour of clients (82% in 2019) proves that we are successful in achieving this objective.

Once we resolve a client’s complaint, we ask the client to complete an NPS questionnaire and rate how satisfied they are from how we handled the complaint. We use the answers given in the questionnaires to change in the directions expected by clients.

Every complaint provides us with valuable information. We use the knowledge from complaints filed by corporate clients to perfect our existing products and services and design new ones.

Corporate clients can file complaints by phone, email, in writing or in person at a bank’s branch or via mBank CompanyNet. If they choose mBank CompanyNet, they receive an acknowledgement of their complaint which is sent directly to the unit in charge of handling complaints. Our response is also sent electronically. In 2019 we resolved 80% of complaints in favour of clients. We resolve complaints as quickly as possible within not more than 15 business days. If the case is particularly complex, it takes a maximum of 35 business days. We are committed to minimising the negative impact of the events complained about on our clients.

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