In view of the dynamically changing business and regulatory environment, mBank Group will be monitoring and actively responding to market opportunities and threats. As a universal bank, we will provide a full range of products and services through all access channels.

Our growth will be fuelled by new and existing, retail and corporate, clients. Therefore, we will remain focused on acquisition in the target segments and the development of long-term customer relationships. The key challenge for the coming years will be to maintain mBank’s market position in the conditions of unfavourable demographic dynamics.

In line with the market perception of our brand, we intend to be a modern, technologically advanced and friendly bank, which offers products that are understandable to the customer as well as fast, intuitive solutions. Due to the better use of data, the service will become more personalised. The transactionality will remain a key element of our development, as it is a space of daily, most frequent interactions between the bank and the customer. We will build our offer based on the mobile first paradigm, increasing the share of sales and services in the digital area. We want to be appreciated for our quality, professionalism, innovation, reliability and security. In our daily operations, we will take into account the aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

At mBank, „we are distinguished by people”, and their commitment, competence and work input are the foundations of our achievements. Therefore, we want to recruit and retain employees with a specific profile that match our values and challenges for the future. Adjustments to the organisational structure, promotion of internal transfers or projects implemented jointly by people from different areas will support the culture of cooperation within the Group.

In financial terms, we will focus on building the long-term value of the company, backed by a positive trajectory of the results. Our revenues will be growing faster than costs, translating into further improvement in efficiency. We intend to increase business volumes and our market share and at the same time take care of efficient use of capital. A change in the structure of the loan portfolio and the entire balance sheet will have a positive impact on margin and profitability. Our goal is to ensure a satisfactory return for mBank’s shareholders.

Key initiatives and business activities which we intend to undertake and execute in the horizon of this strategy have been grouped into 4 strategic blocks:

Our goals:

  • to grow organically through the continuous acquisition of new customers and strengthen our position in the most profitable age group of 30-45. We want to maintain our advantage in the acquisition in the segment of young people (aged 13-28 years) and start-ups, as well as a high share in the e-commerce market. With relatively high penetration in large agglomerations, we want to strengthen our position in mid-sized cities. Leveraging on the social role of parents who are mBank’s clients, we plan to faster enter into relations with clients aged 8-13. We will solicit the segment of professionals providing services for other entrepreneurs (e.g. accountants).
  • to improve customer retention and loyalty throughout their life cycle. We want to systematically recognise the needs of our customers at every stage of their lives and satisfy them in the most appropriate form, so that they do not look for products and services in other banks. We will make the offer more attractive so that it includes aspects that are important from the point of view of accumulating funds and the challenges of ageing and inheritance. At the same time, we will focus on the products anchoring the client in the bank, in particular convenient mortgage loan, savings and investments.
  • to increase the likelihood of recommending mBank’s services by our clients. We will focus our activities on increasing customer confidence. We intend to provide a sense of security with reliable technological banking solutions and services supporting data and financial security in the digital world. We want to act in a predictable manner and represent a uncompromising business ethics as well as eliminate waiting and unnecessary efforts of the customer. We will appreciate loyalty and personalize clients’ experiences.
  • to create a platform for cooperation with corporate clients based on partnership, convenience and professionalism. The strength of our relational banking is trust based on advisors’ competences and experience, therefore we will promote proactive attitude of our employees and we expect their involvement in understanding the customers’ business. We intensify activities aimed at the development of knowledge and the flow of experience. As a bank we want to be useful and perceived as an efficiently operating part of the enterprise.
  • to shape the portfolio of corporate clients anticipating trends and changes in the environment. Preferred industries, in which we want to develop, include: e-commerce, renewable energy sources and businesses engaged in energy transformation, financing of automation and digitalisation solutions, new technologies, health care and leisure time industry. We strive to assure that our portfolio comprises dynamic companies with an attractive and prospective business profile. At the same time, we will continue to maintain a high diversification of credit exposures in order to ensure the long-term security of the bank.
  • to extend our knowledge about the customers in both segments. We will organise the available data in order to create useful information that we will use to providing the customers with better service and looking for areas for further growth. We will complement the clients’ assessment models with parameters resulting from the prediction of their behaviour.
  • to continue the principles of empathy in contacts with customers as well as take care of the transparency of the offer. We will communicate in a clear and understandable way, explaining the circumstances of bank’s decisions and providing the clients with all the necessary information. We will simplify the offer in each business line, including the price list and tariffs.
  • to shape the positive image of the bank and make the brand appealing for retail and corporate customers. We will maintain the already existing positive associations with mBank and make up for certain shortcomings by adding attributes that we lack. We intend to rely more on the feedback provided by customers (based on the knowledge from contact center, complaints, evaluations and conversations with advisors) in order to excel the organisation in accordance with their expectations.

Our goals:

  • to continuously improve remote bank access channels using the digital first (mobile first) approach. The mobile application, equipped with the same range of functionalities as online banking, will be given a leading role in finance management, whereas contact center and branches will support remote channels and serve to solve problems. We will add digital assistance in the service model. We will accelerate the transformation of the distribution structure to reach an average of 80% of sales in digital channels (own channels and API) and 50% in mobile mode within 4 years.
  • to develop mBank’s retail platform by complementing it with additional products and services, including non-financial ones, in order to ensure complete customer service. We want to use the transaction-related moments effectively for the contextual presentation of our offer of unsecured loans and their sales through mobile channels. We are striving to provide the most convenient and fast mortgage loan on the market. We will expand our offer through selective partnerships with the use of API and cooperation with mAccelerator fund.
  • to build the best digital banking offer for corporations in Poland. Our guiding principle will be simplification first and then digitisation. We want to retain only the necessary steps, data and documents. Our work will include improvement of customer contact channels with the bank (internet transactional platform mBank CompanyNet and mobile application), as well as internal sales, after-sales and credit processes (for K3 as well as K1 and K2 clients) and tools for advisors, including CRM.

Our goals:

  • to maintain our technological advantage in the financial sector and optimise our IT architecture using leading solutions. We plan to expand our business-technology team, and working within it interdisciplinary teams will ensure a delivery of end-to-end solutions. We intend to migrate our key applications to a modern technological pile based on microservices and containers as well as fully release the potential of a public cloud computing within the framework of existing regulations.
  • to increase the scope of customer digital self-service and optimise our sales network. We plan to implement a digital assistant and adaptive user interface in the mobile application and transactional service, which will allow for contextual customisation of the customer’s screen. We will improve customer experience in the inter-channel service process (omniservice). We will implement significant product and service changes using advanced tests and with the involvement of our customers. After completing the project of physical network development, we will maintain the number of our branches at the 2020 level.
  • to provide our customers with the highest security standards. We will continue to intensively develop solutions that protect our customers, based on the latest technologies, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, biometrics and other emerging techniques.
  • to improve the operational efficiency of the bank by implementing automation on a large scale and simplifying processes. The main activities assume: centralisation of operational processes, including their takeover entirely by specialised units, elimination of paper documents flow within the organisation and the need to archive them, introduction of a unified methodology for managing operations, supported by a central measurement system as well as analytical and process engineering tools.
  • to shorten the time of issuing opinions and internal consultations in implementing new solutions, while maintaining full alignment with regulations and compliance requirements. Legal support functions will also be organised according to „agile” working methods and based on new technologies. This will allow us to more effectively meet the growing number of regulatory requirements without paralysing our business.

The people and culture we create are at the core of our organisation. Cooperation and sincere and empathic relationships allow us to create value that delivers results. We believe that the way we treat our employees, they treat our customers. We build a technology-supported work environment that inspires to be innovative. The main assumptions for the HR area include 3 dimensions:


We want to coach smart managers who know how to inspire development and motivate to care about clients. Through strategic thinking, innovation and willingness to take up challenges, they will simplify and achieve the intended results efficiently. We will encourage employees to look for new solutions, automate processes and be open to technologies. We aim to make them empathic, collaborative and engaged. They are supposed to show a holistic approach to the customers to support them at every stage of their life cycle and to respond to their needs. Our employees will be honest and aware of current and new regulations.


We plan to increase work efficiency by providing the best applications, software and IT equipment. We will automate simple and repetitive tasks so that our employees can focus on key tasks and bring value, wherever it is important to build true contact with other people. We will implement RegTech solutions, which help to comply with procedures and regulatory requirements. We will use new HR technologies and predictive analytics to make informed decisions about investing in people.

A culture of cooperation

We want to promote the particular value of feedback. On the basis of that, we develop and appreciate each other as well as building the culture of cooperation, which is the foundation of our organisation. We have a better understanding of the network of interdependencies and are able to work together. At mBank, we are open to other people, trust each other and believe in good intentions. We    clearly show what attitudes and behaviours are expected from our employees, presenting simple and understandable values. We promote agile working methods, focused on breaking down hierarchical organisational structures and operating on the basis of a network of cooperating teams. We are implementing a transparent Objectives and Key Results system (OKR), linked to the strategic directions of the organisation. We will increase the diversity of characters, personalities, experiences, gender and age, which will help us to make decisions from a multilateral perspective and build better solutions.

These objectives and business assumptions are part of mBank’s mission, which remains: “To help. Not to annoy. To delight… Anywhere”. Our employees identify themselves with a culture based on empathy towards clients, co-workers and corporate social responsibility.

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