Our ESG ratings

13 points, “low risk”  assigned in 2023

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“A” assigned in 2023


“C” on the “A” to “F” scale in 2023
CDP provides 680 institutional investors with information on the climate and environmental impact of 18,700 companies from around the world

ESG stock indices that include mBank

It includes Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed
companies rated as responsible

The index has been published since 2019,
replacing the RESPECT Index, of which we were
also a member

It includes companies from around the world
committed to equal opportunities for women and

We have been part of the index since 2021

Our awards and distinctions

In 2023, we received “Silver CSR Leaf” award

The contest has been organised since 2011

In 2023, we ranked 7th on the list
of Poland’s sustainability leaders
from various industries

The ranking has been published since 2007

We were awarded 7.5 points out of 10 in the Corporate Climate Awareness Survey 2023.

The The survey,
carried out among WSE-listed companies, is organised by the Reporting Standards Foundation, the Polish Association of Listed Companies and Bureau Veritas Polska.

In 2023, we were listed again as one
of Poland’s companies most advanced
in diversity management

The diversity in check survey is run
by the responsible business forum

Since 2021 the badge has been featured on our
websites as they have passed a language audit

The badge has been awarded by the
Polish Language Foundation