Corporate Social Responsibility

At mBank we are aware that our specific actions and business decisions impact on our clients, shareholders, employees and their families, local communities and the natural environment. Therefore, we want to arrive at every decision taking into account our responsibility for the environment where we operate. 

The “Strategy for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility of mBank S.A. for 2016-2020” has become an expression of our aspirations.  Thanks to the Strategy a comprehensive approach to the decision-making process, the goal which the Bank wants to pursue in the coming years, has become even closer.


The “Strategy for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility of mBank S.A. for 2016-2020”:

  • is based on five key areas of the Bank’s responsibility,
  • sets clear priorities and directions for our activities whose beneficiaries are our clients, employees, counterparties and the natural environment,
  • was developed on the basis of PN-ISO 26000 social responsibility guidelines, and the international reporting standard Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), version G4.

We set ourselves specific objectives for the implementation of the Strategy. Working towards their achievement will strengthen mBank’s position as a modern and responsible organisation which is open to the dialogue with its stakeholders.




Our targets for 2016-2020 in the area of corporate responsibility and sustainability:

We want to understand, respect and share our clients’ values. We want to be open.
We want to think and feel like they do.

Building stable and long-term customer relationships

We want to be a responsible lender

Pursuing socially responsible credit policy

We want to build an exceptional team, competence and skills. We want to share what’s best about us with others. We want to be unique.

We want to build an exceptional team

We want to limit our impact on the environment.

Limiting the Bank’s environmental footprint

We want to improve our management approach. We want to improve.

Enhancing the mechanisms of responsible corporate management in the organisation, including supply chain management


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