Strategic ESG goals

The ESG activities, which we run within our 2021-2025 business strategy, are described here. mBank carries out this ESG agenda together with its subsidiaries, such as mLeasing, mFaktoring, mBank Hipoteczny or mFinanse. This agenda covers all three areas: environmental, social and governance.

Our ESG activities: environment

  • We protect the climate and the environment. Not only do we change the way we act but we also encourage our clients to do the same. We finance green investments and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions related to our business.

  • we finance green industries such as renewable energy, electromobility or recycling (PLN 10 billion by 2025)
  • we finance the economy’s eco-transition and support our clients in the process
  • we offer green financial products, including eco-loans, “less paper” bank accounts or “less plastic” payment cards
    (find out more)
  • we will achieve full net climate neutrality of mBank Group by 2050
  • we are designing our decarbonisation trajectory in line with leading methodologies (find out more)
  • we protect the climate with our credit policies, including by not financing the construction or expansion of coal mines and coal-fired power plants (find out more)
  • we reduce our own environmental impact, including by purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources

Our ESG activities: society

  • As regards our impact on society, we focus on our responsibility for:

    • the financial condition of our clients
    • our employees 
    • supporting the achievement of social objectives (SDGs)
  • we help clients make informed financial decisions through simple banking products and services, responsible sales and clear communication
  • we help clients take care of their financial health: save, borrow and manage their budget responsibly (find out more)
  • we continuously improve the accessibility of our banking services for all clients
  • we look after the privacy and security of our clients’ data and help them avoid cyber threats
  • we promote diversity, including equal opportunities for women and men
  • we prevent mobbing and other unacceptable behaviour
  • we support the professional development of our employees
  • we sustain employee satisfaction and engagement
  • we foster our employees’ well-being and help them combine professional and personal life, including with hybrid work formats
  • we comprehensively support young people’s mathematical education through mFoundation
  • we continue our strategic cooperation with WOŚP (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Poland’s largest fundraising event)
  • we support young artists through m for mBank’s art collection programme
  • we make it easy for donors to contribute to social causes
  • we support and cooperate with non-governmental organisations
  • we protect human rights, including in relations with our clients and suppliers

Our ESG activities: governance

  • We comply with the principles derived from legislation, business standards and ethical norms. We integrate ESG factors into making business decisions and managing internal processes at mBank Group.

  • we run an ethics programme and adhere to established rules and codes
  • we combat corruption
  • we prevent conflicts of interest
  • we require suppliers to comply with our ESG standards and help them get necessary knowledge in this area (find out more)
  • we prevent fraud
  • we protect whistleblowers
  • we counter money laundering and terrorist financing
  • we comply with international sanctions
  • we counter tax crime
  • we follow the rules established for mBank Group’s decision-making bodies
  • we comply with our internal regulations
  • we manage risks responsibly
  • we conduct internal audits
  • we respect the rights of investors, including minority shareholders
  • we manage ESG aspects on C-level, including our Sustainability Committee, Management Board and Supervisory Board
  • we include ESG objectives in performance appraisal of mBank’s top 100 managers
  • ESG factors are an important part of our strategy and business processes