We offer professional consulting under direct supervision of an account manager and an analyst as well as local specialists in trade financing, asset management, European funds and currency fxmarkets. We offer financing based on a high level of local decision-making competences, an individual approach and innovative solutions.

Transactional banking

Our offer of transactional banking is designed to help clients plan and monitor company finances and manage highly liquid funds.

In transactional banking, we provide enterprises with modern banking products supporting liquidity management and effective methods of collecting payments and receivables.

Automation of mass payment processing , effective management of cash held in accounts, quick information about operations in bank accounts, reduced time to access funds.

All of this streamlines everyday financial operations for Clients,  which allows companies to optimize both operating costs and revenues as well as operational processes related to the financing policy.


We offer financing based on a high level of local decision-making competences, an individual approach and innovative solutions.

With a view to every company’s needs of current operating expenses and financial liquidity, we have created a unique offer of attractive financing which supports current business. The products are offered as individual loans as well as multiproduct lines in a variety of currencies.

The business of any company requires investments necessary for the natural growth of its structure or offer. We offer a list of specialized financial instruments for investments and growth which facilitate the detailed planning of your company’s future.

Trade finance

The purpose of our offer is to support your company in its liquidity and secure settlements with contractors. mBank’s trade finance offer is a range of instruments which eliminate your company’s counterparty risk and guarantee prompt receipt of payment or delivery of goods/completion of service.


BRE Leasing meets the leasing and advisory needs of corporations and institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises. BRE Leasing guarantees professional due diligence and management of projects including financing, trade and legal services, and provides support in negotiations with suppliers. Areas of operations:

  • movable property lease

  • real property lease

  • car fleet management (CFM)

European Union funds

Contact our in-house experts for professional advice on how to choose the optimum offer and structure of financial engineering to facilitate investment delivery.

We cooperate with external institutions in order to provide our Customers with professional support (which is much broader than the financing offer) in the implementation of investments which receive financial support from the EU.


mBank (formerly BRE Bank) offers a wide array of innovative hedging instruments to businesses which mitigate the risk associated with unfavourable movements of the foreign exchange and interest rates, as well as changes in commodity prices, stock market indices and share prices. Our advisor will offer customised solutions to fit your business needs.