Why choose a loan from the private banking offer?

  • We grant loans on standard and individually negotiated conditions. We accept different types of loan collaterals, including non-standard ones. We can also diversify them.
  • We guarantee an individual approach to assessing creditworthiness and a possibility to release and repay the loan in PLN and in foreign currencies, e.g. USD, EUR, GBP or JPY.
  • We grant loans in foreign currencies, which may be released in the loan currency. It is also possible to negotiate FX rates applicable to loan release and repayment.

mBank Private banking offers:

  • loans for any purpose, i.e. cash loans
  • overdrafts
  • loans for long-term investments enabling, for example, to finance housing or investment needs from housing loans and mortgage loans for any purpose
  • loans for capital investments secured with assets
  • wide range of brokerage loans for the purchase of shares on the secondary market for those interested in capital investments on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • possibility of financing the purchase of shares within the managerial options programmes

Listy papierów wartościowych dostępnych i niedostępnych do nabycia za środki z kredytów maklerskich

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