Deposits in PLN and foreign currencies

Due to the fact that every well constructed investment portfolio should consist in part of safe products, including deposits, the investment offer is supplemented by attractive deposit interest in PLN and foreign currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP.

The interest rate on deposits for mBank’s private banking clients is negotiable and depends on the amount and duration of the investment.

In order to obtain information regarding the possible interest rate, a private banking advisor at mBank should be contacted.

Deposit offer

Within the deposit offer, we provide a range of products diversified with regard to the date, interest rate and construction, e.g.:

  • PLN and currency deposits (EUR, USD) with fixed and floating interest rates
  • investment deposits combining the features of a standard bank deposit (for a specified time and with protected principal) and investments on the capital market (additional, potentially unlimited profit)
  • bancassurance products - modern investment solutions in the form of a deposit policy, a combination of a deposit with an attractive interest rate and an endowment policy in which the investment income is paid out in the form of an insurance service, and therefore it is exempt from capital gains tax

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