Our ambition is constant improvement of qualifications of advisers cooperating with the client

Our advisers were the first in Poland to receive international Expert in Financial Planing EFP EFPA certificates developed according to EU standards. They are a proof of our advisers’ professionalism provided by an independent institution – European Financial Planning Association (EFPA).

What is EFPA?

EFPA is the largest European non-governmental standard setting and certification body for financial planning experts and advisers. Currently there are over 40 thousand certified EFPA advisers and planners in Europe and outside.

The mission of EFPA Polska is to efficiently support the development of professional financial advisory which should be available to all clients according to their needs.

EFPA forms an association of the best advisers holding:

  • the highest professional qualifications confirmed by the participation in an authorised training and two-stage examination resulting in granting the Certificate

  • always up-to-date competence thanks to participation in the EFPA Programme of continuous professional development

Trusted advisers in finance and business

The skills and broad knowledge of the certified private banking advisers at mBank enable:


    analysis of the client’s needs


    professionally developed financial plan taking into account the individual preferences of the Client and his risk-taking tolerance


    monitoring of the implementation of the plan as well as suggesting and discussing its modification according to the changing market conditions

EFPA advisers care about their constant professional development conditioning the maintenance of the Certificate. They are also obliged to follow the EFPA Code of Ethics.

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