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mBank Group’s Strategy for 2016-2020 sets the azimuth in a dynamically changing environment  


How to satisfy our clients and make banking friendly?

  • Offer the best customer experience i.e. give clients what they need just in time they need
  • Make banking easy
  • Focused customer acquisition oriented on development of active client base, incl. mBank’s aspiration to acquire 1/3 of the young entering the banking market
  • Broaden the sources of information about the client to target our offer more precisely


How to build a dominant position as a mobile bank?

  • Be the point of reference in terms of mobile banking
  • Offer the best (most convenient, hassle-free, intuitive and engaging) mobile application on the banking market
  • Enhance ‘mobile first’ distribution approach within the multichannel model
  • Minimize the functionality gap between mobile and internet
  • Expand base of active mobile app users and sales via mobile channel


How to manage our resources efficiently?

  • Grow while keeping the FTE base at current level
  • Increase average revenues per client every year
  • Enhance assets profitability through an active management of balance sheet structure
  • Strengthen funding independence through rising volume of covered bonds and clients transactional deposits
  • Simplify, streamline, automate and digitalise all processes to be a paperless bank

 Financial performance targets – 5 key measures

Financial measure  Target point
1. Cost efficiency: Cost/Income ratio Top3 in Poland, every year - to be one of three most efficient listed banks in Poland
2. Owner’s capital profitability: Return on Equity (ROE net) Top3 in Poland, every year - to be among the three most profitable listed banks in Poland, assuming ROE adjusted for dividend payment
3. Balance sheet profitability: Return on Assets (ROA net) Top3 in Poland, in 2020 - to be one of three listed banks in Poland with the highest ROA
4. Capital position in terms of core capital: CET 1 ratio Maintain CET 1 ratio min. 1.5 p.p. above capital requirement for mBank and the ability to pay dividend every year
5. Financial stability and liquidity: Loan-to-Deposit ratio Maintain L/D ratio at the level not significantly higher than 100%, every year

Frequently Asked Questions

Current topics


General Meeting

  • 1.  

    Does a foreign shareholder have the ability to vote through the proxy-voting system?

    • In order to vote remotely, a shareholder may appoint a proxy – mBank does not provide the possibility to participate in the OGM using electronic channels of communication. The announcement about the convocation of OGM clarifies the rules for participation in the OGM with the proxy. In order to vote by a proxy a shareholder may use a form available among the materials for the next OGM, but it is not mandatory.

  • 2.  

    What should I do to participate in the General Meeting (OGM)?

    • The right to participate in the OGM have only the persons being shareholders of the Bank on the Record Date, i.e. 16 days before the OGM. In order to participate in the OGM, an investor should buy the company’s shares at least 18 days before the OGM, as the period of the share purchase settlement is 2 days. Then, at the demand of the shareholder, the shareholder’s brokerage house issues a personal certificate confirming the right to participate in the OGM. It should be done not later than on the first working day after the Record Date. Brokerage houses prepare the list of those entitled from the bearer shares to participate in the OGM and pass it on to the National Deposit of Securities (Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych).

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