Strategy of mBank Group for 2021-2025
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  • mBank’s management team has prepared a new strategy for 2021-2025 that is designed to leverage on our current competitive strengths, adapt to new environment, address the weaknesses and as a result establish a bank that will continue to be ranked among top financial players in Poland, whilst reaching better valuation. Defining our aspirations, goals and initiatives, we took into account, among others, expected economic and market prospects, regulatory requirements, technological progress, evolution of consumer behaviour and its dynamics, local constraints and internal conditions.

In mBank Group’s strategy for 2021-2025, we will focus on 5 areas:

We aspire to be a leading retail banking franchise integrated with client life cycle. Our successful organic growth will continue to be fuelled by the constant acquisition of new (primarily young) clients and maturing of the existing base. We will be organized around demographic segments to develop a complete offer and value proposition precisely responding to the needs arising at different phases of the customer life. We will focus on mortgage lending expansion (through revised underwriting process), comprehensive investment offering (via own newly-established TFI), personal financial management (PFM) tools and ecosystem of non-banking services. With a reinforced mobile-first approach, we will design mBank’s contact channels aligned to a primacy of remote access and digital sales. We will support entrepreneurs and small firms by providing them with industry-customized expertise and integrated platform for managing their different business-related activities.

Having already strong position in the e-commerce market in Poland and outstanding transactional capabilities, we aspire to be the preferred bank for merchants and online shops, as well as favourite platform for customers buying on the Internet. We see the growth opportunity in further enhancement of our offer and supplementing it with new components. We want our payment integrator Paynow to gain a significant share in processing transactional volumes. We will extend the range of value added services and financing tailored for online sellers to increase the importance of relationship with mBank and partner with them in main parts of their e-commerce activity. We also plan to modernize and extend our existing mDiscounts (mOkazje) platform.

We want to grow the corporate banking business, optimizing exposures towards higher profitability. We will initiate, develop and intensify the cooperation with companies from prospective industries and the fastest growing sectors of the economy, aligned with our ESG agenda. We will increase our focus on SME segment to benefit from its progressing e-commerce entry. To further improve customer satisfaction and internal efficiency, we will provide the best end-to-end digital banking experience for corporates in Poland. We will also redesign our credit process to make it supporting business development as well as ensuring prudent level of risk costs. In parallel, we intend to strengthen relationships with our clients through additional knowledge-based services, assistance of top-rated advisors and deep industry expertise.

Our primary goal is to provide high quality, availability and security of mBank’s services and solutions to customers. By being cloud-ready, we will strive to maintain the technological advantage of mBank in the financial sector. It will allow us to boost flexibility, foster innovation of business applications, shorten time-to-market, and enlarge the scalability of used technology. Continuous development of a multi-layer cybersecurity defence model and assuring data secrecy will remain our constant effort. We aim to offer the highest possible protection of our mobile application and deliver the most secure and client-friendly identity confirmation process in all digital channels. We will employ artificial intelligence and data science to support creation of innovative customer products and better risk assessment, as well as increase effectiveness of internal systems and workflows.

We will create a culture where cooperation is based on trust and positive intentions. This gives people a comfortable space to experiment, innovate and make bold decisions. We will develop a best-in-class hybrid work environment. mBank’s managers will acquire practical skills in managing distributed teams, while our employees will take advantage of new communication and collaboration technology. We will make people capabilities a competitive advantage for the company through a strengths-based approach to leverage individual talents and focus on future skills needed for the organisation to succeed. We will amend the remuneration scheme to make it attractive from the employee perspective and supporting company objectives.

  • As an integral part of mBank Group’s activity, we have been also implementing our ESG strategy, which was updated in Q4 2023. We want to remain a leader of sustainable banking in Poland. We are aware of our responsibility for climate, society, finances of our clients and being in line with declared ESG values. We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions generated both directly by ourselves and by the credit portfolio we finance. Our goal is to become net zero in own operations (scope 1 and 2) by 2040. We will use Science Based Targets Initiative methods to set decarbonization targets and transform our loan exposures to reach net-zero (scope 3) by 2050. We are encouraging our clients to use products and services which promote sustainability and foster energy transition. Having integrated ESG standards into our business and risk processes, we will conduct responsible sale accompanied by clear and precise communication, transparently present the risks associated with specific financial products and continue educational campaigns on safe online banking and personal data protection. Thanks to development of dedicated personal financial management (PFM) functionalities, we support financial health of mBank’s clients. We want to build an ESG-oriented working environment and ensure gender equality. Diversity and inclusion play an important role in how we manage our company. We want to establish credible relationships and strengthen the trust of our stakeholders by acting transparently and providing high quality ESG disclosures.

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    Does a foreign shareholder have the ability to vote through the proxy-voting system?

    • In order to vote remotely, a shareholder may appoint a proxy – mBank does not provide the possibility to participate in the OGM using electronic channels of communication. The announcement about the convocation of OGM clarifies the rules for participation in the OGM with the proxy. In order to vote by a proxy a shareholder may use a form available among the materials for the next OGM, but it is not mandatory.

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    What should I do to participate in the General Meeting (OGM)?

    • The right to participate in the OGM have only the persons being shareholders of the Bank on the Record Date, i.e. 16 days before the OGM. In order to participate in the OGM, an investor should buy the company’s shares at least 18 days before the OGM, as the period of the share purchase settlement is 2 days. Then, at the demand of the shareholder, the shareholder’s brokerage house issues a personal certificate confirming the right to participate in the OGM. It should be done not later than on the first working day after the Record Date. Brokerage houses prepare the list of those entitled from the bearer shares to participate in the OGM and pass it on to the National Deposit of Securities (Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych).

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