Our employees boraden their knowledge of responsible business conduct

We have introduced mandatory training on sustainability, diversity and inclusion as well as business ethics

mBank is committed to addressing important environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Objectives relating to these issues are part of our strategy. To enable their effective implementation, we equip our employees with the necessary knowledge. We are systematically expanding our training offer available to them – this month with two online training courses: on ESG basics and ethical business conduct. They are mandatory for all our employees.

The training course entitled “ESG – values in business” is dedicated to social responsibility and sustainability. It covers topics such as:

  • what ESG stands for and how this concept affects the conduct of business,
  • which climate, social and economic challenges we face in today's world and what is the role of business, including banks, in dealing with them,
  • what it means for companies to grow in a responsible and sustainable manner,
  • why ESG reporting is becoming as important as financial statements.

In turn, the training entitled “Ethics at mBank” is part of our ethics programme, which supports the implementation of our ESG strategy commitments and aspirations. It addresses ethical issues that may arise during the performance of day-to-day professional duties. Through the training, our employees can:

  • learn about our understanding of ethics at mBank,
  • familiarise themselves with the Good Banking Practice Principles of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP),
  • more easily resolve ethical dilemmas in practice,
  • gain knowledge about the biases and mechanisms that guide our actions,
  • learn how to respond to unethical behaviour.

Diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion are a natural part of the culture that we are fostering at mBank. They stem directly from our strategy and model of values. That is why the training on these topics, which we introduced last year, is mandatory for all employees and those who create mBank's culture. Through the training, they can learn more about:

  • the many dimensions of diversity,
  • inclusive communication,
  • unconscious biases,
  • microaggression,
  • sense of belonging,
  • the benefits that diversity brings to an organisation.

Mandatory e-learning courses complement other forms of expanding knowledge. Our employees can participate in, among other things, one-off trainings led by recognised experts, specialised training courses, as well as regular workshops as part of our “Development Fridays”.





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