Experts have recognised us for responsible business conduct

CSR Leaves, Ranking of Responsible Companies, Diversity IN Check survey and Responsible Business Forum’s “Good practices” report are just some of the initiatives in which we have recently been rewarded.

In recent weeks, we have received several awards for our social responsibility and sustainable development (ESG) activities. Results of the competitions and ratings show that we are consistently meeting the ESG objectives that are an integral part of our strategy.

Our most recent achievement is the 7th place in the Ranking of Responsible Companies, up by three positions compared with last year. It is a list of the most responsible businesses from different industries in Poland developed by Kozminski Business Hub, Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte. This year, the organisers comprehensively evaluated ESG issues in line with the EU sustainability reporting standards.
In mid-June, Polityka weekly, Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte decided on the CSR Leaves competition. Just like last year, we were awarded the CSR Silver Leaf. The jury assessed such aspects of companies’ activity as:

  • environmental protection, including climate protection;
  • relations with employees and clients;
  • business ethics;
  • human rights;   
  • social engagement, including aid for Ukrainian refugees;
  • place of ESG in the company's strategy and management system.

We also received honourable mentions in the area of diversity and inclusion. One of them are the results of the Diversity IN Check survey conducted by Responsible Business Forum (coordinator of the Diversity Charter to which we subscribe). For the second time we were included in the small circle of Polish companies that are at the forefront of managing diversity and developing inclusive practices in their organisation. Earlier, we also received an honourable mention in the “Diversity leader” category in the Sustainable Economy Diamonds competition. In turn, in the's ranking of financial institutions, which ensure the equality of LGBT+ people, we got 85 points out of 100 possible.

Responsible Business Forum also recognised our ESG efforts in the “Responsible Business in Poland 2022. Good practices” report. It featured ten projects conducted by us last year:

  • Support for Ukraine (including activities in cooperation with Polish Center for International Aid),
  • mBank volunteers’ support for the grand finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP),
  • “People are awesome” educational campaign and cybersecurity test,
  • mFoundation’s book entitled “Green maths”, which combines mathematics and environmental education,
  • Financing the energy transformation of the economy,
  • Progress in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions at mBank,
  • Financial products and services supporting ESG goals,
  • The culture of diversity and inclusion,
  • Activities ensuring financial health of mBank clients,
  • ESG code and guide for suppliers.

Every recognition pleases us and motivates us to continue our work. Participation in competitions and ratings helps us measure our progress towards our sustainability goals and allows us to keep track of changing expectations about how companies should integrate ESG into their business.

More information about our ESG activities can be found on the website:




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