Captivated by Economics: mBank teaches economics in schools

Knowing the importance of educating the youth, we joined the Captivated by Economics project. Together with the Warsaw Institute of Banking (WIB) and economist Professor Witold Orłowski, we want to teach young people how to adopt a healthy financial mindset.

The project was launched with an opening lesson Why We Don’t Like Inflation given by mBank’s CEO Cezary Stypułkowski and professor Orłowski. For more information about this event, read the article: mBank becomes the general partner of the Captivated by Economics project.

We created three lesson plans about cybersecurity, savings and starting up your first business, which complement the economic topics covered in the book “Economics for the Curious” by professor Orłowski. Our lesson plans are already used in classrooms across Poland.
With the help of short videos, quizzes and interactive educational aids, trained teachers familiarise young people with the ins and outs of the complex world of finances and online security.
This school year, we developed new lesson plans, focusing on loans, investing and the first job.

They were created in cooperation with educationalists from the Warsaw Institute of Banking, the Polish Language Foundation, a cybersecurity expert from mBank and a businessman who owns the Coffee Runner coffee shops.
Approximately 1,000 teachers have already registered in the project and received training.

If you want your child’s school to join the project, ask teachers to register at

You are welcome to join us!


This is not an offer. Captivated by Economics is an educational project led by the Warsaw Institute of Banking based on a book authored by Professor Witold Orłowski, “Economics for the Curious”, with mBank as its general partner.