The Act on Gambling Games - obligations of mBank

From the 1st of July 2017, the amendments to the Act on Gambling Games will come into force. It means that new obligations concerning activities preventing participation in illegal gambling games will be imposed on banks.

Pursuant to the applicable law, participation in online gambling games is forbidden unless the game is organised by an entity authorised by competent authorities. The complete list of changes (such as, for example, granting the state a monopoly for gaming machines offering cash winnings (slot machines) outside casinos or some casino games available online) and entities authorised to organise gambling games is available on the website of the Ministry of Finance, e.g. at:

Following the changes, using payment cards or other payment services such as electronic transfers in relation with an illegal gambling game is forbidden, and the bank is obliged to refuse provision of such payment services. The exception to the above are games in which one is allowed to participate under the law (i.e. games organised by registered entities).



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