Easy to navigate and convenient online banking

We will launch a new online banking menu on 28 april. Initially, only some clients will be able to use the new feature. Next, the new view will be made available to everyone.
Check out what we’ve got for you.

A simple solution is often the best solution

Minimalism has been on the rise recently. We too believe that simple solutions are the best. We always wanted our online banking service to be as easy to navigate, user-friendly, easy to understand, and seamless as possible. What’s going to change?

You will more easily find all information needed for everyday account management. We’ve simplified the menu to give you instant access to all important information and reduce the time needed to perform operations in the system.

We no longer use the additional menu categories (such as desktop, transfer, history, beneficiaries, budgets, upcoming payments, awaiting confirmation, transfer basket). These items are now located in two sections: payments and finances. 

After selecting a tab you will see a list enabling you to quickly find and perform the intended operation.


New menu