Warning against dangerous e-mails containing false links to Internet banking systems

Please be reminded that BRE Bank SA never sends to its clients e-mails including links to the Internet banking system, and never asks for providing confidential data, in particular for PINs to tokens or any codes used to log-on to the iBRE Internet banking system. Please act with due caution with regard to e-mails which include such links. In the case when you receive an e-mail with a link to the BRE Bank SA Internet banking system please report such a fact to the Contact Center. In order to log-on to the iBRE Internet banking system please use the link provided on the BRE Bank SA portal or enter the following address of iBRE directly in your Internet browser: After opening the iBRE site please verify the website address (the address should start with https:// and there should be a lock in the browser window which means an encrypted connection) and the certificate of the banking site (the certificate should be issued for BRE Bank SA). Detailed instruction of certificate verification is in the Security section on the log-on website to the iBRE Internet banking system. At the same time we would like to stress that owing to the use of tokens and qualified certificates the iBRE Internet banking platform guarantees top security level. In the case of questions connected with the security or functionality of the BRE Bank SA Internet banking system, we encourage you to contact the Contact Center - support of iBRE Internet Banking system using the following phone numbers: 801 273 273 for landlines or +48 22 6 273 273 for mobile phones or international calls.


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