mBank S.A. to quote a new currency pair, ILS/PLN, for Corporate Clients

Due to high interest of mBank’s Corporate Clients in cashless transactions in ILS (Israeli New Shekel), please be informed that mBank S.A. has introduced this solution into its offer as of 21 August 2017.

The standard service enables carrying out transactions in ILS (ILS being the transaction currency) for foreign outgoing and incoming payments (including internal FX orders). The NOSTRO correspondent of the Bank for the new currency is an Israeli bank, Hapoalim B.M. (SWIFT Code: POALILIT). Quotations of the new currency pair can be found at mBank Group’s website, including the sites of the Economic Service presenting: Rates and quotations. The Bank will charge a commission of 0.4% (of the transfer amount), min. PLN 20.00 and max. PLN 200.00, for foreign transfers in ILS or domestic transfers in ILS to an account held with another bank. Such transfers will be executed by mBank on the spot value date of the beneficiary bank (D+2).

In order to mitigate the risks related to a transaction being rejected, Clients should always enter the beneficiary’s account in the IBAN form. We encourage you to use the wide range of currencies provided by mBank as part of foreign payments offer. Transactional Banking Department


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