Changes in the Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates

We kindly inform you that on 1 May 2018 mBank S.A. introduces changes into its “Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates”. 


The key changes include the introduction of different commissions for cash handling services depending on the way of making deposits/withdrawals – in the bank’s branch (at a cash desk), an mBank sorting office or a night safe – and a substantial increase of the commission for cash handling in the bank’s branches (chapter I.A, items 5-9 (cash deposits and withdrawals)). The commission increase for in-branch cash handling arises from the fact that mBank gives preference to other cash services (night safes, mBank sorting offices, cash-in-transit services, cash deposit machines and ATMs, deposits and withdrawals at the Poczta Polska (Polish Post) branches, postal orders executed in the mBank CompanyNet online banking system). The above-mentioned changes also refer to clients using Packages for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (chapters XI and XII (SME Packages)).


mBank has also introduced changes as regards issuing statements (chapter I.F, item 4) and bank opinions (chapter X, item 4), imposing different charges for channels via which a client submits an application for issuing a statement/opinion. mBank gives preference to submitting applications for a statement/opinion via mBank CompanyNet. Also, different fees were introduced for issuing audit opinions (chapter X, item 5) depending on whether the opinion covers solely information on a client’s bank accounts (including bank deposits) or other products as well.


In addition, mBank has set a fee for the new Mobile Authorisation service (chapter I.C.2, item 11 and chapter I.C.3, item 2). The new service is an alternative to the hardware token, which is currently used for authorisation in mBank CompanyNet, and is supposed to replace it eventually. Mobile Authorisation is based on a software mechanism in the mobile app.


The consolidated text of the “Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates” becomes effective on 1 May, 2018.


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