Changes in the Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates

On 1 October 2020 we will introduce changes to the “Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates”.
The most important changes consist in:
1. modification of the commission for the maintenance of the total balance in current accounts, auxiliary accounts, Auto Overnight – automatic deposit accounts (ARD) and Auto Overnight – automatic overnight deposits (ALJ).
2. increase of the fee for the issue of a hardware token and a mobile hardware token, introduction of a monthly fee for using a hardware token or a mobile hardware token.
3. numerous modifications regarding payment cards, including the introduction of fees and commissions for the new MasterCard debit card in EUR (from the moment of adding the card to the Bank’s offer). 
4. introduction of a fee for filing a new Specimen Signature Card or changing the Specimen Signature Card to a bank account agreement.
5. introduction of new fees relating to MT940, MT941, MT942, MT950 account statements.
6. increase in the fee for a postal order and for the issue of a confirmation of a surplus/shortage of cash.
7. deletion of the word “min.” referring to the commission for prepayment of a loan and to the commission for early termination of a loan agreement.


SME and Corporates