Changes in the Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates

On 1 July 2021 we will introduce changes to the “Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and Corporates”.

The change consists in:
1. adding information that the quoted prices of cash products are net prices (do not include VAT),
2. including term deposits in the calculation of the monthly commission for balance maintenance,
3. increasing the commission for total positive account balances at the beginning of a year from 0.25% to 0.32%,
4. modifying how the additional commission for balance increase is calculated. Now it will be calculated as the difference between the sum of positive balances at the beginning of the first business day of a year and the average sum of positive balances for the period of two months (November and December) of the previous calendar year,
5. introducing fees and commissions for new types of prepaid cards on offer,
6. introducing a fee for handling a claim under a guarantee,
7. increasing the fee for confirming the authenticity of a non-mBank guarantee upon the Customer’s  request,
8. introducing a fee for sending guarantee-related documentation by courier to addressees in Poland,
9. increasing the fee for issuing an audit opinion requested outside mCN.



SME and Corporates