We have launched a cyber-self-defence course

The number of online fraud attempts is growing year by year. The methods used by fraudsters are diverse and increasingly more audacious. This is why we are launching the eighth edition of our cybersecurity campaign. This time, we invite you to take part in a digital self-defence course.

In January 2023, CSIRT KNF (Computer Security Incident Response Team of the Polish financial sector) identified nearly 700 cases of false online advertisements and around 1,400 websites impersonating well-known institutions and promoting fraudulent investments. One month later this last number was already at around 3,500.

Criminals never sleep and are constantly on the hunt for money and data of clients of banks and various companies. Have you received a text message about a small underpayment with an instant payment link? Or maybe a new invoice from your sub-contractor with an account number you have never seen before? Have you found a one-of-a-kind bargain in an unknown online store? Has somebody promised you high profits with little to no risk? Or has someone claiming to be a consultant of your bank called you to inform you of an “unusual account activity” and demanded your immediate reaction?

Our digital self-defence course offers a simple solution for all those scenarios: calm and reason. The promotional videos, broadcast since 3 April 2023 on various platforms, including the TV and online, present the most common forms of fraud encountered by numerous clients. Each character has to face an attacking ninja symbolising a fraudster, who tries to force a quick and reckless response. However, our characters do not succumb to the pressure of the imposter. They calmly analyse the situation and do not fall for the scam. This is precisely the best way to defend yourself against cyberattacks. "You avoided the attack because you took a moment to think”, says the self-defence master to one of the characters in the finale.

As part of the campaign, we have set up a special website where you can learn more about how to effectively defend yourself against online fraud. The bank's research shows that such information is in high demand. Additionally, we are promoting a free-of-charge service called CyberRescue. It provides access to a 24/7 support from cybersecurity experts, who can help you if someone hacks your email or takes over your social media account. They also offer advice on what to do when you receive a suspicious email or when a product you ordered online is not delivered.

We are the first bank in Poland to draw attention to security education. That is why we hold campaigns dedicated to this topic every year and apply a number of solutions which improve our clients’ security. This year alone we have introduced two new services: verified sender and mobile confirmation of mBank employee’s identity. They guarantee that emails signed “mBank” and incoming calls from the bank are genuine.

The digital self-defence campaign is running across TV, radio and online. Its concept was developed by BBDO Warszawa. Media planning rests with the media company Carat. The videos were directed by Maciek Kowalczuk and produced by Flota Filmowa.


This is not an offer. This material does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and is for information purposes only.

This is not an offer. Details regarding the CyberRescue service are contained in the "Regulations on the provision of the CyberRescue service" available at The entity providing the CyberRescue service is CyberRescue Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw. In order to conclude the agreement, it is necessary to accept and submit the Application via the bank's electronic banking system or by telephone via the bank. In order to conclude and perform the contract, it is necessary for the Customer to provide data to the extent specified in the Privacy Policy.
The condition for concluding the contract is:
a. acceptance of the client's statements required by the bank and the client's consent to the bank's disclosure to CyberRescue Sp. z o. o. information about the client, including information covered by banking secrecy;
b. reading these Regulations and accepting them.

Remember that mBank provides the application only through authorized stores - App Store (iOS - Apple), Google Play (Android), AppGallery for Huawei phones. Always use these stores to download and update applications, because the programs located there are digitally signed and undergo a verification process, so they guarantee your safety. Never download apps from untrusted sources! You can download the new application if your device has a minimum operating system of Android 7.0 or iOS 14.0 (or newer). Read the privacy policy of mobile applications. Explanations of terms related to representative services related to a payment account covered by this material can be found at