Amendments to the Regulations mBank S.A. Internet Customer Service System mBank CompanyNet

On 24.11.2023 the amended Regulations “mBank S.A. Internet Customer Service System mBank CompanyNet” will enter into force:

  • we deleted information on the Simplified Process, which was withdrawn by the bank,
  • we updated information on:
    - the mobile app and security,
    - electronic confirmation of personal data of the mBank CompanyNet system users; we also added provisions on transliteration,
    - we deleted the previous titles of regulations on the rules for the execution of orders to set up, change the terms of or cancel a term deposit.

In the User Card and in the Authorisation Scheme Card, we added an optional module (DepoPlus); in the User Card, we additionally deleted the option to set up deposits in the transactional module. We also updated the Identification Card.

The uniform text of the Regulations is available in the Forms and Regulations section.


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