Bank statement in the SAF-T format for corporate clients at mBank S.A.

Please be informed that a new type of bank statement, i.e. a “bank statement in the SAF-T format” was made available within the mBank CompanyNet system (mCN)  as of 16 January 2017. In order to obtain the bank statement in the SAF-T format, it is necessary to send a message to the bank with the topic “Application for a statement in the SAF-T format” (Create new-Message/Form-Message to the bank), in which the following data have to be completed: account number, date range for SAF-T: from-to, voivodeship, district, municipality and the tax office identification code, with the proviso that the initial date indicated in the application cannot fall before 1 January 2016. The persons entitled to submit the indicated application on the part of the client shall be users who are authorised to send authorised messages to the bank, whereas the bank statements in the SAF-T format generated based on this application shall be made available to persons authorised in mCN to collect bank statements indicated in the application. Clients will be promptly notified about the approval of the “application for a statement in the SAF-T format” or its denial within mCN.
The bank statement in the SAF-T format is drawn up by the bank based on the data included in the client’s bank statements from a given period and provides a basis for the bank statement – JPK_WB – to be drawn up by the client, pursuant to the tax ordinance Act (Article 193a).
mBank shall charge a fee for the bank statement in the SAF-T format in line with the applicable „Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions of mBank for SME and corporates”.

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