Do you wonder which job is right for you?

Regardless of your situation, if you just finished studying, you are a graduate or an experienced professional, you want an interesting job, in which you could improve your skills and feel good there.

Join Us! We are the friendliest and innovative bank in Poland.



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solidny pracodawca
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Why is it worth working with us?

We motivate to take action

The most important is to do what you like. We love our job. Especially when it brings certain results. We motivate each other to take actions. Therefore we looking for persons who are working with energy, and don’t give up easily. People who have passion after work. We have under 30 mBank’s sport clubs  from Bicycle, Tennis or Fishing group. If you have an idea for the next one, you can report yours project to us.

Do you know that:

  • we created first internet bank in Poland, today we serve more than 5 millions clients
  • we can be everywhere! Thanks to activity of mBank’s club members our flag reached even to eight-thousander Makalu in Himalayas
  • with us you can do more! We run mFoundation, which supports kids and teenagers with learning maths. Do you think about voluntary service? Submit your idea! We’ll finance your project and … you can do it!

We create know-how

We want our job to be meaningful. We gain knowledge, share experience and still look for better,innovative solutions. Are you a born inventor? Do you have lots of ideas and want somebody to use them at last? Do you like continuous improvement? It means, that we fit together. 

Do you know that:

  • we created the most innovative in the world of electronics banking platform , appreciated worldwide with prestigious and international awards
  • we are one of the strongest and fastest growing financial brands in Poland.
  • we set the direction of development of mobile and online banking
  • we share the knowledge, for instance we’re lecturing at the University of Lodz , in a specially created major: Banking and Digital Finance


We give you more opportunities

We’ve got branches in 80 Polish cities and we employ nearly 8,000 workers.
We offer trainings, knowledge sharing programmes as well as national and international development programmes. Above all we provide interesting, challenging projects and daily cooperation with the best specialists. But remember, it’s up to you how you plan your own career, what capability you use and what kind of career plans do you want to fulfill with us.  

Do you know that:

  • nearly 2500 employees have been with us for more than 10 years – and we are not surprised. They still can find new development and career opportunities at mBank.
  • we’ve got more than 40 percent of women working on managerial positions. And we expect more!
  • Don’t you have any work experience? – No problem ;) You can get it at mBank with more than 100 trainees and interns every year – join our team!