The Young Talent Development Program means an interesting, planned career path, full of challenges and ambitious tasks, with a clearly defined development program. It comprises two stages.

Training program

Do you want to gain professional experience but need more flexibility? Take part in mBank's training program! The program is an element of the Young Talent Development Program which will enable you to become familiar with the operations of one of the Bank’s functional areas. Throughout the year, several dozen organisational units and branches invite students to cooperate. You could join the retail, corporate or investment banking departments, support and back-office departments such as marketing, audit, HR, controlling, logistics and many others. The training program usually lasts 3 months. The flexible plan will allow you to combine work with us and the university classes. The most dedicated trainee may be offered continuation of work. During the training program,  we will ensure the support of a professional mentor, an HR tutor will introduce you to our organisational culture, and our experts will share their knowledge and skills.

Internship program

Are you thinking of your future and planning next career steps? We would like you to come for an internship at mBank! Next to the training program,  the internship program is the second element of the Young Talent Development Program. It requires more flexibility on your part – it lasts for a minimum of 9 months and is a full-time commitment. The internship means the opportunity to learn, hands-on, about several areas of the Bank. If you are interested primarily in marketing, the internship rotation will give you the opportunity to gain practical skills in one of our teams – external communication, promotion, PR, etc. It will give you a much better understanding of their role within the organisation thanks to a temporary delegation to one of the branches (point of contact with the customer) or to one of the Head Office’s business units. Each rotation period at each of the units will be summarized with an assessment and feedback regarding your work. The best interns can expect an offer of permanent employment. During the internship, we will ensure the support of a professional mentor, an HR tutor will introduce you to our organisational culture, our experts will share their knowledge and skills, you will have the opportunity to participate in development activities, the rotation between the Bank's units will lead to a better understanding of its functioning, you will receive feedback to enable you to develop your potential, you will receive remuneration and a benefits package (medical care, the Multisport sports club card, discounts for language training at selected schools, opportunity to pursue your passions at mClubs).