Every business model, also in banking, is based on engaging capital: financial, human, organisational, intellectual, social and natural. The business activity and day-to-day decisions transform them. It is easiest for us to describe and measure the financial capital as it is the foundation of the traditional reporting. However, we cannot forget about the fact that our activities transform the rest of capitals, causing their increase or decline.

The diagram below shows our most important capitals and the value creation process at mBank Group.

Basing on 
our capitals...
Financial Capital
Human Capital
Manufactured Capital
Intellectual Capital
Social Capital
Natural Capital
we develop
our business...
We finance the
activities of our clients
We enable to deposit
and invest
We facilitate safe and
convenient transactions
We offer access
to financial markets
We create a friendly
We pay
…creating value for
all our stakeholders.



Financial fundamentals of our operations – funds obtained from our shareholders and clients as well as generated financial results

PLN 91 B
PLN 85 B
Own funds:
PLN 13 B
PLN 134 B
net profit
PLN 1,219 M
Team of engaged people, their know-how, values and attitudes, which are fundamental for innovations and development of our Group.
High and stable over the last 3 years: employee engagement score over the Polish and European average for banks.

Organisational structure, continuously improving procedures and processes, infrastructure and IT as well as our branch network.

Exceptional intangible assets being a unique and extinguishing value represented by mBank brand.
Mobile DNA
dynamically developing mobile banking,
supported by the strongest banking
brand in Poland - mBank.
Innovative business solutions
including a strategic co-operation
with external partners, such as AXA
and Orange.
Our relations with stakeholders and community; social activities and our contribution to banking sector and economy.
Proactive education
of the society in the
area of internet and
mobile banking security
Popularisation of
mathematics within
the activities of mFoundation
72% outlets
adopted for the disabled


Our direct and indirect impact on natural environment as well as our ability to shape this impact.

We finance the activities of our clients – individual, enterprises and corporations - including leasing and factoring services. As a result, individual clients can satisfy their housing and other needs, companies are able to invest, create new jobs and the state budget is supported by corporate taxes.



Impact on income statement



Interest income

PLN 3,873 M

Impairment losses on loans and advances

PLN 365 M

We enable our retail and corporate clients to deposit and invest their funds in a safe way.



Impact on income statement



Interest cost

PLN 1,040 M

We facilitate safe and convenient transactions. We offer possibilities of active investments on capital markets.



Impact on income statement



Net fee and commission income

PLN 2,833 M

We offer companies access to financial markets and hedging against market fluctuations, including interest rates, FX rates, commodity and raw materials prices.



Impact on income statement



Net trading income

PLN245 M

We invest in our employees and create a friendly workplace for them. We support their development and sensitize them to the unique mBank values We permanently develop our infrastructure, searching for best, safest and most convenient IT solutions for our clients.



Impact on income statement


Overhead costs

PLN 877 M

Wages and salaries

PLN 1,086 M


We rank among the largest corporate tax-payers in Poland. We also pay other fees supporting the state budget and the sector as well as invest in education of the society through our social campaign and our foundation’s activities.



Impact on income statement



PLN 416 M


PLN 329 M

Tax on certain financial institutions.

PLN 162 M

Contributions to the BFG


Founds spent by mFoundation

We granted PLN 17.7 B 
of loans
We introduced a number of facilities for mobile and internet application users

push messages
on forthcoming



We communicate with the market in a transparent way
3 conferences
6 roadshows
4 conferences
1 roadshow
return on
stock index
tock index on the
banking sector
We strengthened the funding profile and the balance sheet security
We started building our
new headquarters in Łódź
almost 16,000 hours
of employee training
almost 100% internal recruitment
for managerial and
specialist positions
Development of cooperation
New partners
We pursue the 
social campaign 
If you don't do it in real life, don't do it online!
PLN 1.2 M 
granted within mPotęga program
We set ourselves highest standards
with regards to regulatory compliance and other relevant regulations