Share Record
Bloomberg MBK PW
Total number of mBank's S.A. shares * 42,433,495
Listed shares 42,422,495
Registered shares 11,000
Share par value (PLN) 4
mBank's share capital (PLN) ** 169,733,980
Shares listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 06.10.1992 r.
Shares are included in the following WSE indexes WIG, WIG20, WIG30, mWIG40, WIG-Banki, WIG-ESG
Free float 30.83%

 * Data as of December 31, 2022
** Fully paid as of December 31, 2022



mBank's Shares Held by Management Board and the Supervisory Board of mBank S.A.
Management Board Number of shares held
Cezary Stypułkowski 27,884
Andreas Böger 2,994
Krzysztof Dąbrowski 2,240
Cezary Kocik 1,392
Marek Lusztyn 303
Adam Pers 26


Data as of December 31, 2022


Source: mBank S.A. Group Consolidated Financial Statements 2022