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Financial capital

What does financial capital mean to us?

Financial capital constitutes one of the key capitals from the point of view of a bank. To us, it means funding that comes from our environment, e.g. from clients, shareholders and bondholders as well as profits  generated by the Group. We pay special attention to the security of funds entrusted to us

We transform them into financial products and services. We provide clients with funding in the form of loans, grants, factoring and leasing services and through operational activities and investments. Clients can use these products to finance their ventures, manage savings, make transactions and get access to financial markets. We enable our clients to fulfil various needs – ranging from housing, consumption and investment needs to self-fulfilment.

We support the economy and the society by helping to create new jobs and contributing to economic growth whose visible expression are taxes paid by our clients and by mBank.

As a bank listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, we focus on creating value for our shareholders, e.g. by putting a constant emphasis on reinforcing the strength and stability of mBank Group. The current results of the Group are an effect of economic revival fuelled by consumption and consistent implementation of our business strategy.

How do we manage financial capital?

  • Effectiveness is mBank’s underlying operational principle. Focus on effectiveness, which has a direct impact on profitability, is one of the pillars of the “Mobile Bank” strategy. In 2017, we continued our efforts to generate high level of core income while maintaining cost discipline. It is our ambition to be among the three most effective listed banks in Poland.
  • We have diverse funding sources. We are optimising the bank’s balance sheet by diversifying the funding base and increasing the share of more profitable assets.
  • We comply with regulations. Being an institution of public trust, we manage financial capital in accordance with regulatory requirements and internal policies and strategies.
  • High dividends. We intend to pay an annual dividend making up at least 50% of our profit, as long as this is compliant with the expectations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. We are committed to increasing the security of financing our business.