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Natural capital

What does natural capital mean to us?

Natural capital is construed as our impact on the natural environment and the ability to reduce it.

The direct environmental impact of mBank and its subsidiaries stems mainly from the operation of our offices and branches. It is measured by the consumption of utilities (electricity, heat and others), use of typical office supplies (paper, toners, etc.) and generation of municipal waste. For some of our locations, it also means the consumption of natural gas. Owing to the organisation of mBank Group, with its subsidiaries headquartered in Warsaw and Łódź, for a great many employees it is nothing unusual to travel every day between these two cities, to clients and to a number of other destinations. This increases the consumption of fuel by mBank’s car fleet.

Smooth operation of mBank’s business model requires complex IT infrastructure. Its functioning, including the operation of cooling systems, consumes a lot of electric energy. On the other hand, thanks to mBank’s mobile nature there is no need for clients to visit conventional branches, which in turn reduces the production of car exhaust fumes. The reduced air pollution, although difficult to measure, cannot be omitted either.

However, our indirect impact has a far greater importance. This involves, for example, funding for industrial investments. Whether a given venture will be implemented and what technology it will employ depends indirectly on mBank, acting as a lender for the project. We do not render financial services to companies whose operations involve economic exploitation of areas of great natural interest or areas under protection or companies which violate environmental regulations.

How do we manage natural capital?

  • We do not serve or lend to companies violating environmental regulations. In this area we comply with our internal regulations such as the “Strategy for corporate sustainability and responsibility ofmBank S.A.” or the “List of industries and areas of operation particularly sensitive in terms of mBank’s reputation risk”.
  • We monitor fuel consumption by company cars. Among other measures, we introduced limits on fuel consumption, refuel bans on weekends and holidays and GPS monitoring of routes and fuel consumption.
  • Our employees use the InOneCar application. This way we curb the amounts of fuel consumed by our car fleet and protect the environment. InOneCar allows the employees to commute to work or go on business trips together. This car-sharing app connects drivers with passengers along the route to work or to business trip destinations.