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Statements of the Management Board

True and fair picture in the presented reports

The Management Board of mBank S.A. declares that according to their best knowledge:

  • The annual consolidated financial statements, the annual financial statements and the comparative figures were prepared in compliance with the binding accounting principles and present a true, fair and clear picture of the financial position and the condition of the assets of mBank S.A. Group and mBank S.A. as well as their financial performance.
  • The report of the Management Board on the business of mBank S.A. Group in 2017 (including the Management Board Report on Performance of mBank S.A.) presents a true picture of the developments, achievements, and situation of the mBank S.A. Group and mBank S.A., including a description of the main risks and threats.

Appointment of the auditor authorised to audit financial statements

The Auditor authorised to audit financial statements and performing the audit of the annual financial statements of mBank S.A. Group and mBank S.A. for 2017 – PricewaterhouseCoopers Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością – was appointed in compliance with legal regulations. The audit company and its auditors fulfilled the conditions necessary for an impartial and independent audit report in compliance with respective provisions of Polish law and professional standards.