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Our strategy. Mobile Bank

To help. Not to annoy. To delight….anywhere.
Mission of mBank Group

mBank’s mission and business strategy until 2020 – mobile Bank comes as a direct response to the challenges of contemporary banking.

We live in the era of the client, era of mobility and era of efficiency. That is why we based the mobile Bank strategy on three pillars which address these trends. They determine mBank’s business model – our current and future actions.

The pillars are:

Pillar 1. Empathy towards clients

means that we always strive to learn clients’ behaviours and to meet their needs and preferences. In order to strengthen client relationships based on empathy, we follow four approaches defined in mBank’s mission:

  •  To help. We offer clients what they really need and when they need it. We respect their time and thus, construct and simplify our offer so that clients do not have to spend more time than needed to understand it. mBank’s application makes it possible to take out a loan within 30 seconds.
  • Not to annoy clients. We facilitate cooperation with mBank by minimising the effort and potential difficulties in contacting us. This is possible thanks to our communication method – we resolve issues reported by clients during their first contact with mBank, regardless of the communication channel. We make their lives easier.
  • To delight clients means making them feel special during their cooperation with mBank. They thus become the ambassadors of our services. We also know that employees who are satisfied with mBank’s offer are natural and authentic advocates of our brand. Therefore, we promote our services, especially mobile ones, among them as well.
  • Anywhere. We give our clients control over their finances whenever and wherever they need it.

Pillar 2. Development of mobility.

When designing new services, we focus on needs of clients in the era of mobility, that is convenience, usefulness and simplicity. This lets mBank remain the synonym and leader of mobile banking . We bolster our position thanks to continuous development of innovative solutions, some of which stay ahead of clients’ preferences:

  •  Mobile Hub – everything just one click away. Mobile Hub is a platform for multi-channel communication with clients. We do our best to ensure that every distribution channel: ATM, branch, online channel, helpline, can be reached by a client by only one click in the mobile application or smartphone. We estimate that by 2020 most clients will be initiating interactions with mBank on their smartphones (MobileFirst). Smartphones will, to a larger extent than now, serve as a tool thanks to which clients will be able to smoothly switch between different operations.
  • We are strengthening mobile banking’s role as a contact channel. This means that even more banking services and their functionalities will be available online. We want to make the mobile channel more independent. We will extend its functionalities to include those of ATMs, branches, online channel (PC) and helpline, at the same time simplifying them. The process has already begun: remote channels (Internet / online channels and application) play the key part in contacts with clients supported by branches and phone/video consultants. Our distribution model is ready to face new challenges.
  • Customer engagement: shaping new habits. We engage our clients through innovative mobile functions. This way, we form and strengthen the habit of using mobile banking among them. Mobile functions also give us new opportunities of reaching clients and presenting our offer.
July 2017 was the first month in mBank’s history with the number of logins in the mobile channels exceeding the number of logins in the internet banking platform.
The share of clients accessing their bank accounts via mobile devices stood at 55% at the end of 2017 compared with 37% a year before and 28% in 2015.

The application made its debut in 2014 and now boasts over 1.3 million users. Every user uses the app 22 times a month on average. The current 3.0 version offers a number of convenient solutions, such as:

  • Android Pay implemented in mBank’s application. It enables payments directly via phone. This is the first such solution in Europe.
  • Possibility of obtaining the decision on granting a revolving or cash loan within 30 seconds. The solution already generates approx. 18% of cash loan sales.
  • • The “mLine in a click” (“mLinia na klik”) service, which allows clients to connect with mLine consultants directly from the application, without the need to use one’s ID and telecode; 20% of mLine calls are those from the application.
  • Possibility of logging into the application with a fingerprint.
  • Express transfers using telephone numbers within the BLIK system.
  • Possibility of purchasing travel insurance (at present, 30% of travel insurance policies are bought via the application).
  • Mobile Authorisation – a service allowing users to authorise transactions made in the transaction system via the mobile application. Instead of typing SMS passwords, all that a client needs to do is to log into the application and accept (or reject) a given transaction with one click.
  • The “Payment Assistant” service, which reminds clients of all regular payments, suggesting the amount due and the payment date and allowing them to quickly settle invoices (all a client needs to do is accept the payment).
  • Purchase and sale of currencies online.
  • Possibility of contacting a consultant via chat.
  • A convenient message box via which mBank communicates with its clients.
  • Functionalities such as “Spending Rate” and transaction notifications, which ensure better control of household budget.
  • Businessman’s Task Centre (Centrum Zadań Przedsiębiorcy), which makes it possible to manage accounting tasks by business clients.
  • Mobile eBroker (eMakler), which ensures full transactional effectiveness of a brokerage account.
  • My goals (Moje cele) with the option of defining goals and option of full management of savings in the application.
  • Possibility of ordering and activating the card to the account and obtaining PIN directly in the application.
  • Upcoming payments – enhanced with the option of full management of the planned operations.


Our recent app enhancement supports the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP). It relies on a quick pre-defined transfer and doubling of amounts transferred based on the rule: “transfer PLN 10/20/50/100 and mBank will double it”.

mBank’s mobile application received several national and international awards in 2017. Awards and distinctions included: the Special Award in the Mobile Trend Awards 2016 competition and the second place in the “Golden Banker 2017” competition for mobile authorisation; our application was also ranked the second best application in Europe by Forrester Research. In addition, mBank’s mobile banking was ranked third in the “Newsweek’s Friendly Bank” ranking.

Pillar 3. Efficiency.

We focus on continuous improvement of our effectiveness in a broad sense according to the Lean management philosophy. We are developing our business while maintaining the current employment level. We take every effort to increase the average revenue per client every year. We improve the profitability of assets by flexible balance-sheet management. We bolster financing sources thanks to higher volumes of covered bonds and transactional deposits. We simplify, automate and digitize all the processes – we want to become a paperless bank.